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    Khalifeh Aljadda · Mohammed Korayem · Trey Grainger ·

  • Query Sense Disambiguation Leveraging Large Scale User Behavioral Data (PDF)
    Mohammed Korayem · Camilo Ortizy · Khalifeh AlJadda · Trey Grainger ·

  • GRITS Toolbox-A freely available software suite for the interpretation of glycomics high-throughput MS/MS data 
    Rene Ranzinger · Brent Weatherly · Shahnawaz Khan · Khalifeh AlJadda · Mindy Porterfield · Michael Tiemeyer · William York ·

  • Crowdsourced Query Augmentation through Semantic Discovery of Domain-specific Jargon (PDF)
    Khalifeh Aljadda · Mohammed Korayem · Trey Grainger · Chris Russell ·

  • EUROCarbDB(CCRC): a EUROCarbDB node for storing glycomics standard data (PDF)
    Khalifeh Al Jadda · Melody P Porterfield · Robert Bridger · Christian Heiss · Michael Tiemeyer · Lance Wells · John A Miller · William S York · Rene Ranzinger ·

  • Augmenting recommendation systems using a model of semantically-related terms extracted from user behavior (PDF
    Khalifeh AlJadda · Mohammed Korayem · Camilo Ortiz · Chris Russell · David Bernal · Lamar Payson · Scott Brown · Trey Grainger·

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    Khalifeh AlJadda · Mohammed Korayem · Camilo Ortiz · Trey Grainger · John A. Miller · William S. York ·

  • SimianTools: A software suite for enhancing throughput and evaluation of mass spectrometry-based glycomics datasets
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  • Enhancing Cluster Quality by Using User Browsing Time (PDF)
    Rehab Duwairi · Khaleifah Al.Jada ·